Moren Adenubi is the founder of Ambassadrett Ministries, International.

A religious organization that aspires to equip and empower women to discover and fulfill God’s purposes.

She Ma minister, speaker, professional coach, and a certified instructor Her life pursuit revolves around Faith, Services and Real-estate.

TRANSFORMED! – That sums up the life that Moren has created to herself by applying the word of God! She was born in Malawi, Southern Attica to Nigerian pare.. She moved to the U.S, at age of 17 to attend college. Though saved at young age and graduated from her college, she was frustrated with herself. She has gone from weighing almost 400 pounds, debt-ridden, purposeless, rushed, and stuck.

But thanks be to God, she discovered Mole to help her move her life towards God’s purpose. That discovery has led her maintaining a healthy weight, enjoying a debt-bee, relaxed, purposeful life, and finally living a life worthy of a follower of Christ. Her transformation led her to passionately help and encourage others to do the same.

Her Faith & Service
She served M different capacities in her church home. With her gifitiugs of leadership and teaching, she served as life group leader, group facilitator, Sunday school teacher, Sunday school superintendent and youth group leader. As she grows as a person, she pours out herself in helping, teaching and volunteerism.

Her Career: Real-Estate

Moren is one of the most designated real -estate brokers and top 10 agents in Middle Tennessee for several years. Now she owns a successful real estate brokerage – Crown Realty Experts. Among her accomplishments and awards:

She credited her success to her faith in God and sound business practices based on Biblical principles, sound education, and networking. She continues to acknowledge the value of humility, hard work, mental curiosity, and mentorship.

Moren continues to serve in a capacity by offering classes and teachings, mentorship/coaching with regard to her accreditation with CCIM, CPDE, CIPS, CPM, CRS, e-PRO, and ITI.

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