I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing Moren Adenubi as her pastor, her coach and her friend. Over the years I watched her build one of the premiere real estate companies in Tennessee. I watched her move from an attender to a leader in Cornerstone Church and be appointed by the Board of Directors to the Finance Committee. I challenged her to attend Dream releaser Coaching to take her personal skill set to the next level and she did it with flying colors.
Today as I serve pastors and church staffs from around the world I have recognized pastors have consultants coaches and supportive relationships. Yet, the pastors wives are often overlooked and left to fend for themselves when it comes to frustrated desires, unfulfilled passion and isolation from many normal healthy relationships. When Moren told me she felt called to coach pastors wives I could not think of a greater need nor a better person. This is my wholehearted endorsement and my encouragement for action. Call her now, not later, today not tomorrow!

Maury Davis, Maury Davis Ministries

Moren is a woman of strong and deep faith. She stands boldly on The Word of God and does not waiver.
The Lord connected me to Moren years ago when Redeem Her Now was just being downloaded into my heart. I didn't know what I was doing or how to do it. I felt confused and, at times, that I was floundering. Moren was began to ask questions as she sought to understand. Then, through her reliance on the Holy Spirit, gave me challenges to move forward and to press into Him for my answers. She held me accountable and reminded me of who I am as His daughter here on earth and the privilege and responsibility that goes along with it.
Moren helped move me forward by communicating what I needed to hear and in the way I needed to hear it!
Fast forward a few years. I had the privilege of getting to spend time with Moren on a regular basis for several months. This was more of an "iron sharpening iron" time of ministry. She was a safe place for me to process some of the emotions and disappointments of life and ministry. She listened intently as I struggled to release control over things that I truly did not control. She would remind me that if my thoughts, my feelings, my perceptions did not line up with the Word, I had to choose. Him or me.
I didn't always like what Moren had to say - It was uncomfortable for my flesh, more times than not. But I knew in my spirit that she spoke His truth. I knew in my spirit that He connected me to her for His purposes to be accomplished in my life. The Lord pruned me during some of our time together. The result was more growth in Him and a life bearing more fruit.
I love Moren - She is a gift of God to me and to others. She is a safe place. No gossip. No judgement. She won't let you stay stuck or get stagnant. Her passion is helping you find healing and wholeness in Jesus Christ so that His Kingdom can advance.

Lisa Forte, CEO & Founder - Redeem Her Now

I have had the privilege of sitting under the coaching and mentorship of Moren Adenubi. Moren is a woman of strong character, strength, and wisdom. Moren has pushed me to look past feelings, face fears, and pursue the call of God on my life.
Today I am Pastoring a church that is growing and living out the call she encouraged me to pursue. There is no doubt that God used the mentorship and ministry of Moren to shape who I am today.

Pastor David Peden, Lead Pastor, We Are Church - Old Hickory, TN

Moren has been a mentor and a friend for over 15 years. She has helped guide me in God's truth about forgiveness, wisdom in decisions, encouraging me to learn God's word and to live by the leading of the Holy Spirit. She has reminded me that I am a daughter of the King and should walk like a princess in all my circumstances. She's a friend who will love me with the truth and challenge me to be better. I've seen her in small circles as well as in larger audiences and she is a promoter of change, a walking example of a daughter of our King!

Karen Putnam, Hermitage, TN

Moren has mentored me for several years. She’s Holy Spirit led and a fountain of wisdom. What has been most beneficial for me is that she doesn’t shy away from the truth, and she tells me the hard things where most wouldn’t. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her influence in my life.

Cathy Jo Reed,